Grant Writer Pro - Jeff: jeff: I spoke with someone who said I would get a refund for the program I never ordered. That

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jeff: jeff: I spoke with someone who said I would get a refund for the program I never ordered. That was two days ago and no refund, but the 39.95 came out of my account. jeff: Confirmation # CA 281 ErinG: May I have your first and last name please? jeff: If it is not in my bank by noon I will report it to the BBB. jeff: Jeff Buchanan ErinG: We cannot return anything to your bank by noon, sir. jeff: too bad ErinG: Please hold. jeff: you have had two days and you had no trouble at all getting my contacting the BBB. Thank you ErinG: Okay is there anything else that I can do for you. jeff: just get my money to me jeff: give me a day jeff: and time when it will be done ErinG: one moment ErinG: Okay do you have a zip code sir? jeff: yes, why? ErinG: I am trying to look up your information. jeff: jeff: or jeff: 95472 ErinG: Thank you ErinG: Im still having a hard time looking that up for you, is the electronic check under a different name?

ErinG: Customer service this is Erin how can I help you?

jeff: CA 281

ErinG: Give us a call at 1 877 807 4709

jeff: I did that

jeff: Im sick of this get me my money

jeff: ok forget it Im going to the BBB NOW

ErinG: Alright sir I hope you have a better day.

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Grant Writer Pro - Used my credit card to charge monthly fees

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I received a CD from prograntwriter and thought I was paying a one time charge. They billed my credit

card over $700 and I never used it even once. If I

hadnt noticed on my bank statement, I guess they

would have done this indefinetly. We canceled our

credit card to prevent further charges which is a pain.

I called a couple of weeks ago and told them that this was a rip off and wanted my money back but

have gotten no response-what do I do now to get my money back. My husband lost his job last year

and this is devastating to us.

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Grant Writer Pro - They took my Debit card # and never sent my infomation packet within 7-10 days

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I was looking over the internet for Government Grants to help with my home.Grant Writers Pro contacted me over the phone and thinking it says "Government" that it was legit.

Now they have my Debit card # and i didn't get any of the information i paid for. How does a person know what to do when this happens and who is monitoring all these sites . Why is this getting so out of hand and who is going to put a stop to all this *** ***? My wife just got a letter in the mail saying we won $250,000.00 , also including a $3,850.00 check to deposit in our account.

Even the Bank thought it was real. I was up most of the night investigating it all found out it was fraud.The Frauders ware Pacific Worldwide Sweepstakes and lotteries,phone #1-902-412-2809 was the persons cell phone #.

Area code 902 is from Nova Scotia, they are sick people.I looked up who to turn this into is (

Grant Writer Pro - Help for

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I had the same problem w/ getting into the web site, they needed a user name and password and I didn't have one.I was pissed.

I spent money to use the web site and I couldn't get even in. I called the customer service number they gave to me (1-866-370-7270) and they set up a user name and password for me right there and then. After I hung up the phone I logged onto the site and recieved unlimited access to the site.

Just a little help for those who have the same problem.

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Grant Writer Pro - I want free grant money also

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I tried to get grant money also and now I signed up for it but it only seems as through they are just taking my money. i had an email say when do you want you money. how about now.send me $50k today at

terry kinnetz

604 20th street,

spirit lake iowa 51360


I sure could use it for hospital bills.I would sure like to be able to get some insurance for health and car insurance.what does it take to get this grant money.

Do i have to give blood or what. send me cash today!

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Grant Writer Pro -

Houston, Texas 3 comments
Not resolved

I am trying to log on to get help with grant info.I can not even get onto the website.

Where is it? These grant services are supposed to offer online help in securing government grants for consumers. This program is called They have my money but I cannot get any help getting information to get a government grant.

I fear that this is just another scam against the American public.

Then after 7 days, they will continue to charge your checking account $39.95 per month for a service that you can't even find online.Barbara

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I expected to get this free except for the one-time shipping charge, as I saw advertised.They then started charging my credit card account a total of $27.90 per month.

Even though my credit card company changed my account number, the charges are appearing on my statements.I wrote the cc company to stop the charges, they did credit my account for one month's charges, but they again appeared on this month's statement.

Powell, Tennessee, United States #9156

If you want to cancel grant writer pro and fund accelerator advantage here is the number to cancel 1 800 923 2523, they are the same place.

Another consumer that had the same problem. Hope this helps someelse.

Imperial, California, United States #2616

I also made an over the phone purchase to this programfor shipping and henadleign of $2.99.I received a CD-Rom in the mail, and was told that I would only be charged one fee of $2.99 for shipping and handeling.

A short while later while reviewing my bank statements I noticed that they charged me $29.95 over and over again for a period of 6 months.I am still trying to get my refund and investigative report back regarding the scam they put on me.

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